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“The key to perfect time” is the original slogan of the Corum brand, with the official logo and graphic symbol being a vertical key that decorates the dial.
The name of the brand derives from the Latin word “Quorum”, metaphorically indicating that the minimum number of people necessary to found the company had been reached.

The brand Corum was officially established in 1955 in La-Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland. The team started with two people;  Gaston Ries, who had an eye for detail and his nephew René Bannwart, who had an eye for beauty. The first Corum watch appeared on the market in 1958.
This was known as the Corum Chinese Hat, a ladies’ watch whose bezel resembles the famous hat styling worn in China.

The 1960s produced the first version of the Corum Admiral’s Cup, the first ever water-resistant square watch. Soon after this, the Corum Coin Watch was created from an authentic $20 Double Eagle Coin; a symbol evoking the spirit of free enterprise, and a model worn by numerous US Presidents.
In 1966, Corum released the Corum Romulus, a watch with hour markings on the bezel rather than on the dial. Ten years later, there was the Corum Rolls-Royce, created in partnership with the famous automobile manufacturer.
The 1980s began with the launch of the Corum Golden Bridge. Following this, there was the release of the contemporary Admiral’s Cup and, finally the launch of the Corum Meteorite, featuring a dial cut from authentic meteorites.
1992 saw the launch of the Corum Admiral’s Cup Tides, a watch fitted with an exclusive Corum movement indicating the current state of the tide, the height of the water and strength of the currents. Among the lastest generation of watches, it is also worth mentioning the Corum Bubble.

After more than forty years of passion for fine watchmaking, the brand started the new millennium  with a big change. The company was bought by Severin Wunderman, later nominated Knight of the Legion of Honour by Jacques Chirac in 2005 for his numerous cultural and philanthropic achievements. Wunderman died at the age of 69 on 25th June 2008.

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